of, relating to, concerned with, or involving both mind and body

Sam is a former fashion-industry-financial-planner turned yoga-meditation-reiki enthusiast. She found yoga as part of her own journey of self-healing from a lifetime spent disconnected from her body. Noticing quickly how the practice was allowing her to tune into what her body was telling her all along, she was able to shed old layers, and start to wake up to her present experience. As a deeply curious being, Sam continued to explore yoga across multiple disciplines and lineages, ultimately leading her to meditation and reiki to create well stocked tool-box of incredibly powerful tools that would allow her continue to get to know herself, to heal and to wake up.

Sam’s work is rooted in the energetic body-mind connection and observing what’s happening in our bodies as it relates to our emotional patterning. Primarily utilizing still practices of yin yoga, meditation, breathwork and reiki energy healing, Sam facilitates experiences of deep release and heart opening designed to support self-healing and waking up to the fullest expression of aliveness.

Upcoming: Psychosomatic Therapist Certification - Fall 2019- Spring 2023
Lovingkindness Compassion Meditation Teacher Training - The Interdependence Project - May 2019
Reiki Master Attunement - Private Attunement - March 2019
50 Hour RYT Yin with Angela Jervis-Read - August 2018
Reiki 1 & 2 - Private Attunement - May 2018
300 Hour RYT Vinyasa Yoga @ Sampoorna Yoga - Winter 2018
200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga @ New Love City - Fall 2016